Running with Scissorz is definitely a good feeligs band.  You can't help but have a good time.  And the band members make you feel like a friend.  I have made some great memories with RWS.

* Mary Pfeifer

Awesome band, Awesome music, keeps everyone dancing!

* Mary Anne Schmidt Adricula & Robert Stancliff

The first time I heard RWS play I was hooked.  I immediately liked them on Face-book so I could get their schedule.  My work week was always busy and stressful, so I looked forward to hearing them play and being able to dance to music I grew up listening to as well as the new hits.  The talent of all the members amazes me and they are just fun to watch.  They seem like they have been playing together for years because they just get along so perfectly.  Being a bartender in  many different clubs & bars, I have seen my share of bands.  RWS is a classy group and they are always respectful and fun!  The perfect band for a wedding or work event because they can keep the great music going, plus they are RELIABLE!  That's a big deal!

 * Wendy  Diavatis

Running With Scissorz is awesome!  My husband and I heard them for the first time at True Semmetry Brewery in Suisun, and we were blown away!  The music they play really takes me back, so many of my favorites, thanks to the band for a good time!

*Jenny and Matt R.